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Privacy Policy

Maintaining Privacy is the confidence that is raised towards us. Infycle protects your privacy that includes your Documentations, Personal details and other information collected from you. To subject it to you, we display the information of our policy for your kind notice.

Personal Info

We might indulge in collecting some personal information like Contact details through a form displayed in our site of the user, visiting our site. Details like Name, phone number, E-mail Id, Address are the information that has to be filled in the form on the site. User may also visit our site anonymously and the information mentioned above are collected only when the form is filled and submitted in our site. This is specially done for their guidance in the career.

Purpose of Information is for

Infycle Collects the Personal information of the user in order to enhance the service provided for the customer by quick response for the customer queries, Support required and any other request.
This is also used to send the regular Mails and schedules that allows us to stay engaged with the customers.

Securing Information

We Secure all your Personal Information Gathered through your knowledge by proper Data base management, security measures and proper processing practices avoiding any unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or disclosure of your personal information. None of the personal Information is shared with any outsiders when committed with Infycle.

Changes made in Policy

The Changes that are made in the Privacy policy is kept updated with the user in the web page online. All modifications in policy terms will be displayed to the user at times without any anonymous information on the screen. User can keep visiting the site periodically to be aware of modifications made in the site regarding how we safeguard the personal information.

User Acceptance

User can indulge in browsing our site once accepting the privacy policy. If the policy terms are not satisfying the user then the user can quit browsing the site. If the user repeatedly keeps visiting the site following the changes made in this posting will be taken as acceptance of the changes in policy.

For Further Queries

If any queries arise regarding the Policy website or processing practices you can contact us through the below mentioned identities.

Contact: 7502633633
Mail Id: info@infycletechnologies.com
Address: #85, Medavakkam Mainroad, Keelkattalai, chennai-600117.