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Welcome to Load Testing

Load testing is a kind of Performance Testing which determines a system's performance under real-life load conditions. This testing helps determine how the application behaves when multiple users access it simultaneously.

Why Load Testing?

Maximum operating

Sufficient to run




  • Imperative to performance test
  • Performance testing track record

Performance Testing Process

  • Understanding how performance testing fits the development process
  • Approaches to the performance testing process
  • Costs of performance testing

Identify Performance Goals and Business Goals

  • Gather background information on the situation
  • Develop an understanding of the situation
  • Validate the test project need and feasibility
  • Exercise: Understanding Goals

Infrastructure and Architecture

  • What must be part of the test?
  • Target platform and systems
  • Network configuration
  • Scalability and extrapolation
  • Exercise: Assessing Infrastructure Issues

Designing the Test

  • Defining the workload
  • - Transactions to be simulated
  • - Analyze factors affecting the load definition
  • - Exercise: Calculating Load Characteristics
  • Types of performance tests to be run
  • Exercise: Selecting types of Tests to Run
  • Refining measurements
  • Response times, resource usage, etc.

Test Preparation

  • Set up the test infrastructure/architecture
  • Acquire the test scripts and data
  • Set up the tools

Test Execution and Reporting

  • Validate the tests and the tools
  • Prepare for the test execution
  • Execute the tests and collect the data
  • Present conclusions and recommendations
  • Assist the technical team after tuning and
  • Debugging
  • Reporting Performance Test Results