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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training in Chennai

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the new buzz word in the IT industry as it promises to bring in a shift in the traditional way of manually doing the business and IT operations in organizations. The term Robotic Process Automation brings into your mind the picture of physical robots doing some labor intensive human physical tasks like unloading heavy goods from a vehicle or cleaning your house. However, in reality, the picture is different. The ‘robot’ in the term RPA is not a physical robot but a virtual system which can efficiently automate repetitive manual computing or business process tasks.

Why RPA?

In IT environment, not all the business processes are smart and intelligent. Many of them are dependent on multiple IT systems and not always talk to each other. Such mundane and repetitive tasks are time consuming and labor intensive for human beings. With the current automation methods, it takes massive IT transformation plans and implementation processes to make a transition to it. Here comes the relevance of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA holds the power to automate almost all the repetitive, mundane and rule based tasks more quickly accurately and tirelessly, compared to a human being. It uses a machine (robot) that possesses tangible integration and automation capabilities which can mimic human interactions with web applications, web sites, portals, Excel worksheets, legacy green-screen apps, and email and helps automate the tasks. RPA is economically efficient than any other automation solutions that exist currently. Implementing RPA for redundant business processes also enables human beings to shift their focus from repetitive tasks to tasks requiring emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgement and interactions with the customers.

Benefits of RPA

RPA automates repetitive tasks and enables improved business efficiency, data security and more effectiveness without altering the existing infrastructure and systems in an organization.

• Increased productivity and efficiency

• Faster and easier implementation

• Accuracy

• Flexibility and scalability

• Improved regulatory compliance

• Cost savings


Introduction to Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation Framework

Process Studio

Create a Process

Basic Skills


Decision Stage

Calculation Stage

Data Items

Process Flow


Circular Paths

Controlling Play

Set Next Stage


Collections and Loops

Business Objects

Object Studio

Business Objects

Action Stage

Inputs and Outputs

Creating a Business Object

Business Flow

Application Modeler

Spying Elements

Creating a Business Object

Attribute Selection







Data Items as Inputs



Action Inputs and Outputs

Error Management

Exception Handling

Recover and Resume

Throwing Exceptions

Preserving the Current Exception

Exception Bubbling

Exception Blocks

Exception Handling in Practice


Case Management

Create Queue

Queue Items

Work Queue Configuration


Environmental variables

Session variables

  • Is Blue Prism an RPA Tool?

    Yes, Blue Prism is an RPA Tool.

  • What is process Studio?

    Processes are created in an area of Blue Prism named Process Studio which, as we will see, looks similar to other process modeling applications (such MS Visio) and uses standard flow diagram symbols and notation.

  • Why Blue Prism?

    Automation process can be designed within IT Governance Supports both internal and external Encryption/Decryption Keys Provides Audit Logs enabling

    High-level Robustness because of .NET customized code within the process automation (Tool is capable of doing all the activities whatever can be done using .NET)

  • Does blue prism require coding?

    Blue Prism’s digital workforce is built, managed and owned by the user or customer, spanning operations and technology, adhering to an enterprise-wide robotic operating model.It is code-free and can automate any software.

  • What is Security in Blue Prism?

    * User: to assign new user info, we can assign accordingly

    * Credentials: to store secret infos

    * Options: rules for password settings

  • What is Bot in Blue Prism?

    Software robot to fetch information